Refurbishing and embellishing Moroccan Lamps


McMennamins Lamps

For the past two years, I've had the privilege of  refurbishing, restoring, and embellishing vintage, hand-punched, brass lamps for  McMenamins, a family-owned chain of brewpubs, music venues, historic hotels and theater pubs in Oregon and Washington. 

I've used a special type of silk that's woven of two or more colors as you can see in the blue and violet shade below. The two colors give the lamp an iridescent appearance which seems to change depending on where you stand to view it. To add character and interest, each shade is further embellished with unique pieces of jewelry, beading and hand dyed fringe.

A Word About Custom Orders


I have always enjoyed custom orders and repairs ... however, they are challenging in many ways, requiring more time and investment than my personal "buy it 'cuz you love it!" work.

If you see a Victorian or not-so-Victorian lampshade that you love and need it to match a room or reflect your personal tastes - let me know. 

For local clients, I can make house calls and fabric store shopping excursions with you if needed. One hour of consultation is complementary, a fee of $25 per 30 mins additional time will be added to the final cost. I can also help you find the perfect floor, table or bridge lamp.

A deposit of non-refundable 50% is required for all custom work. 

Morning Glory


One of my clients requested a lamp and shade for her "Prayer Corner" and "Morning Glory" was the result. 

Morning Glory was constructed on a "Square Bridge" wire frame, lined with crepe backed satin and embellished with delicate flowers. Her outer layers of silks and vintage style netting were then accented with silk embroidery and swarovski cystals. Finally, beaded fringe of differing hues was added to reflect additional light and  elegance.

My shades don't fit in a single category - either, Victorian or Edwardian. My favorite style comes from the turn of the century - early Art Nouveau and craftsman. More important than style, is the reflection of spiritual joy that I wish to reflect and share. We all can benefit from happy, joyous lighting!

Fire and Gold


Here is another example of a shade that pairs well with a vintage bridge lamp. This "Allison" frame was lined in gold satin and covered in vintage gold, cut-away velvet lace. Beaded fringe adds mystique and sparkle!

These floor lamps are a welcome addition to any home decor style. They can be embellished if personal heirlooms such as a treasured scout pin, pair of cuff-links, or piece of hair ribbon from childhood.  

Grandma's Gown and Mom's Bridal Headpiece

The pink, not-so-Victorian lampshade below was constructed from the client's grandmother's 1940s wedding gown. I was able to incorporate her mother's bridal headpiece on the front and the gown's buttons on the sides and back. The shade was gifted to the client's new sister-in-law as a "Welcome to the Family" surprise at her bridal shower. 

Heirloom Jewelry Display


Should Grandma's cloisonne belt buckle and belt loops stay tucked away in a box in the back of a drawer ... or, can they be incorporated into a personalized, not-so-Victorian lampshade and continue to light up our daily lives?

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